Once upon a time . . . they lived happily ever after . . .    Once upon a time . . . they lived happily ever after . . .

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Fairy-Tales.biz . . . for fairy tales and fables . . .

Fabulous Children's Nursery Rhymes from England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales, America, Canada, Australia . . . .

Nursery Rhymes - 14

The Lady Loved A Swine

The Little Boy

The Little Girl With a Curl

The Little Man Had A Little Gun

The Little Moppet

The Little Mouse

The Little Rabbit

The Little White Duck

The Lord Mayor

The Lost Doll

The Lost Shoe

The Malicious Brush

The Man In Our Town

The Man in the Wilderness

The Man of Derby

The Man of Tobago

The Man Who Had Naught

The Man Who Went Mad

The Meadow Bout Fields

The Merchants of London

The Messenger

The Microbe

The Miller of Dee

The miller's dochter

The Miser

The Month Was April

The Months

The Muffin Man

The Neat Little Clock

The Nesting Hour

The New Moon

The New Pelisse

The North Moors Spout

The North Wind Doth Blow

The Old Man

The Old Woman

The Old Woman and the Pedlar

The Owl

The Owl and the Pussy Cat

The Peace of Christmas-Time

The Piper

The Piper and His Cow

The Platypus

The Quarrel

The Quest

The Race

The Refusal

The Rhyme For Porringer

The Robin and Wren

The Robin Came To The Wrens Door

The Robins

The Rock-a-by ( Rock a by ) Lady

The Rose Is Red

The Sailor Bold

The Smoothing Iron

The Snail

The Snowman

The Soldiers Camp

The South Wind

The Spider to the Fly

The Starling

The Sugar Plum Tree

The Three Kittens

The Tickling Game

The Umbrella

The Voice Of The Lobster

The Wheels On The Bus

The Wide Eyed Owl

The Winds

The Wise Little Pig

The Wise Pen

The Woman And Her Pig

The Wooden Horse

The World

The Wren's Nest

There is a happy land

There Once Were Two Cats Of Kilkenny

There was a Crooked Man

There Was a Fat Man of Bombay

There Was a Frog

There Was A Little Boy

There Was A Little Girl

There Was a Little Man

There was a Little Man 2

There Was A Naughty Boy

There was an Old Lady

There was an Old Woman

There was an Old Woman of Leeds

There Was an Old Woman Tossed Up in a Basket

There Was an Old Woman Who Lived Under a Hill

There Was An Owl

There Were Three Sisters

There Were Two Birds

There's a mannie in yer loaby Mary Ann

These Hands are Happy Hands

They Didn't Think

They That Wash on Monday

Think I'll Go Eat Worms

Thirty Days hath September

This is the House that Jack built

This is the Way the Ladies Ride

This Little Piggy

This Old Man

This Year Silk

Thoughts Un-Strung

Three blind mice

Three Children on the Ice

Three Craws

Three Grey Geese

Three Jolly Gentlemen

Three Jovial Welshmen

Three Little Ghosts

Three Little Kitten

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